Chemistry and Detergent Mixing Mixers

Chemistry and Detergent Mixing Mixers

Last updated on January 30th, 2021 at 06:32 pm

    Founded as Ege Krom in 2007, HEMSAN made its first productions on the milk and food sector. In this context, our products we manufacture are as follows.

    1. Milk cooking boilers
    2. Yogurt lines
    3. Feta cheese lines
    4. Cheddar lines
    5. Turnkey factory installation

    HEMSAN, which started its firmization studies in 2019, made many changes in this context, thus multiplying its production lines. So it’s not just hookah tobacco lines; Production has also started on the chemical mixer mixer.

    HEMSAN, prioritizing customer satisfaction in all its services, offers the latest technology machines that will best meet your needs. The tools and equipment we use for this are also a product of the latest technology. The materials we prefer during production are also within the framework of world standards.

    Our services within the scope of chemistry and detergent mixing and tank mixer service are as follows.

    1. Product preparation systems
    2. Roll bound system heating and cooling boilers
    3. Filling machines
    4. Labeling machines

    In this context, our productions on the chemistry and detergent sector are presented in accordance with the quality standards we have mentioned above. We have many corporate projects on this sector and have worked with various companies.

    Our chemical mixer mixers are produced to withstand all kinds of external factors and time. In this context, our products have the feature of a stainless mixer. Therefore, there is no rust or loss of function for any reason.

    Our productions on the detergent sector are given in detail, as in the chemical sector. This service, offered to detergent production facilities and factories, has many details. One of them is a detergent mixer and it is designed to get the highest efficiency.

    In detergent and chemical sectors, maintenance is essential for the machines to give the best results and to be used for many years. This maintenance has two stages, one of which is carried out by professional teams. Maintenance services performed within the scope of HEMSAN are carried out as a result of a detailed examination, and our main goal is to use your machines for years without deterioration. However, if any problems occur, repair services are also provided by our teams.