Hemsan Automation & Machine

HEMSAN Machine & Automation started its activities in 2007 as its previous name Ege Krom.

Its main production area has started to produce machinery for the dairy and food machinery industry. Our company offers milk cooking boilers, yoghurt, white cheese, cheddar lines and turnkey factory installation and after-sales service in the sector.

Our company later started to establish hookah tobacco lines (hookah process) by expanding its product range by incorporating it in 2019. We work with many companies in the industry in hookah production.

The countries we export to abroad are respectively; Jordan, Iran, Russia and Georgia. In Turkey, it has been known in the industry we serve all brands. We also manufacture product preparation systems, roll bound system heating and cooling boilers, labeling machines and filling machines in the chemical industry.

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The Latest Technology Facilities

HEMSAN machine offers machines that will best meet your needs by taking advantage of the latest technological possibilities in its production. Thus, your production speed is increased and your earnings are doubled.

Customer Happiness

HEMSAN machine serves in a corporate structure and always keeps customer satisfaction first. Your opinions, wishes and requirements are important to us.

Affordable Products

HEMSAN machine was established to provide you the best service as a corporate policy. These services are offered to you at affordable prices and payment options.

Make the Manufacturing Process More Efficient With Machines Produced With The Latest Technology!

HEMSAN always prioritizes the desires, needs and demands of its customers in its productions. In this context, our products that we manufacture are produced in accordance with ethical values ​​and in a way that will provide the highest efficiency.

Being aware of its social responsibilities as an institution, HEMSAN pays attention to environmental pollution. By keeping its environment clean at the maximum level, it ensures a healthier life for its customers and the public.

HEMSAN, which makes its production by following the latest developments in the sector, chooses the materials it uses in its productions at world standards. Thus, the machines we produce provide the same quality service for many years.

HEMSAN places its customers in the first place as an institution. In this context, your needs and requirements are handled correctly and you are provided with the right service.


HEMSAN always follows the latest technologies and sets its target to produce accordingly. It adopts to constantly renew itself and to follow new developments in its sector in order to have a dynamic structure.

HEMSAN, which aims to provide additional quality services and to become a pioneer in every region in the country, follows a customer-oriented policy and uses world-class materials to achieve this.

HEMSAN, which currently exports to four countries intensively, aims to be more active abroad as a policy and to expand the list of countries to which it exports. HEMSAN, advancing towards becoming a global brand, always keeps the quality, performance and efficiency of its products at the highest level.

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