Turkey is surrounded by seas on three sides; aquatic products breeding and hunting are among the very important work. Therefore, there is a separate sector on the subject and many fish breeding facilities have also been established.

The aquaculture sector, which is very active due to the summer and winter fish farming, uses many methods such as the state-of-the-art automatic fish feeding machine in order to increase the efficiency and facilitate the breeding in order to meet the intense demand here.

These machines, which can also be used in aquaculture, save the fish producers from the trouble of feeding the fish at certain hours and do everything automatically. Thus, by entering the correct settings on the machine, you can increase your production without any problems.

Aquaculture Feeding

Aquaculture is a name given to aquaculture in sea or ocean waters. This breeding can be done in closed parts of oceans; it can be continued in lakes filled with sea water and in special tanks.

Aquaculture in Turkey is done by sea water, which has many details and important points. However, the most important of these can be stated as aquaculture baiting. Because if the fish are not undernourished, their reproduction rate will decrease and they will perish. The same happens in the case of overfeeding.

For this reason, feeding done by humans personally causes negative results as it fails to adjust from time to time. But the aquaculture baiting machine solves the problem completely.

Aquaculture Feeding Machine

Aquaculture baiting machines are tools that are produced specifically for the facilities and places where these creatures are raised and automatically perform the baiting job when the time comes.

Here, all users have to do is set the aquaculture baiting machine feeding settings and times correctly. Then the device will do everything on its own. One thing you should pay attention to is that the feed chamber of the machine is always full.

Automatic Fish Feeding Machine

Fish baiting machines are not only developed for aquaculture. If you grow fish in an aquarium in your home, you can also use an automatic fish feeding machine.

Here, the models are smaller than the machines preferred in aquaculture, and the logic of operation and the points that need attention are the same.