Hemsan Automation & Machine

HEMSAN machine has a long history as an institution. Our company, which was first established in 2007, used the name “Ege Krom” in this period and made its production within this scope. In addition to the machinery we produce, maintenance & repair services are also provided for them.

These services are of two stages, the first of which is the transactions made by you as a user. These are routine and essential if you want to use your machines for a long time and get the same efficiency even after years.

In addition, our professional teams provide the necessary checks and repairs at regular intervals and prevent your possible victimization. Each machine is maintained over time, depending on the conditions of use, and if these are disrupted, various problems occur and production is disrupted.

In this way, earnings decrease and monthly course is affected badly. In order not to fall into this situation, you need to have maintenance and repair services. With our experienced technicians and engineers, you are provided with the best service and we act within the framework of ethical rules. Our teams primarily provide the necessary maintenance services so that future problems are solved.

If a problem is detected in the meantime, you are informed and solution suggestions are explained in detail. Afterwards, the necessary transactions are initiated within your approval, and all problems are resolved in a careful and disciplined manner.

Our company brought a great innovation to its life in the machine production sector in 2019 and carried out its incorporation studies. HEMSAN, which achieved successful results on this issue in a short herd, has made many updates in its structure.

This innovation has also spread to our productions and our existing services have been diversified. Our current machinery productions are on the following sectors.

  • Hookah production tobacco lines
  • Dairy and Food machinery and equipment
  • Mixers in the chemical and detergent industry

HEMSAN Makine production produces quality that will meet your and your company’s needs for a long time. The maintenance & repair services we offer are always at your service to prevent any grievances after the sale.

Dairy and Food Machinery and Equipment

HEMSAN production has successfully signed under many projects on this issue so far. One of our services that we proudly offer to you is milk and food machinery and equipment. A very detailed service is provided in this regard, one of which is dairy equipment.

Our machines that we provide to small and large scale facilities can increase the milk you receive, and you can handle all transactions without harming your cattle and ovine animals. If you need milk processing plant machines, HEMSAN offers you durable machines with which you can get the best efficiency.

As an institution, turnkey factory installation is also provided, and this service is provided in a very detailed and detailed manner. This issue is quite detailed and establishing small dairy farms also falls into this category. Here, a meeting is held with you and our professional teams examine the installation site by determining your purpose and objectives.

Then, the necessary plans and projects are realized and presented for your approval. If you approve, the installation process is intended to be started immediately and completed quickly and carefully to avoid any grievances.

Our professional and experienced teams serving in our field make the most efficient installation so that you do not fall behind in terms of production. When the delivery day comes, you only have to start production, and the production can start on the day the installation is completed.

Established to provide you with a quality solution in the sector, HEMSAN offers you the best mini dairy prices and payment options. Thus, your facility is established at affordable prices, using the best in the industry. All of our productions on Milk and Food are as follows.

  • Cheddar lines
  • Turnkey factory installation
  • Feta cheese lines
  • Yogurt lines
  • Milk cooking boilers

If you want to take advantage of these machines and equipment or if you are looking for turnkey factory installation, you can get the best service at affordable prices by contacting us.

Hookah Production Tobacco Lines

HEMSAN production has successfully completed many projects on the way it started in 2007. Our company, which accepts change as a basis with a dynamic structure brought by the time and the sector, has increased its services by going to institutional innovation in 2019. Hookah production tobacco lines are also among our machines in this scope.

Hookah use has increased both in our country and around the world in recent years. For this reason, hookah production facilities have gained great importance in recent years. HEMSAN Makine supports this sector with its quality services and produces the tobacco lines that provide the best efficiency in the sector.

This service, which we actively provide abroad, is exported to many countries. Thus, a great contribution is made to the national economy. Currently, our trade partners are Iran, Jordan, Russia and Georgia, and our work on this issue continues to increase.

HEAR services are also Thomsen machine that hookah production facility in Turkey, has been manufacturing for all of your production needs about hookah factory. Our productions, which are made with the latest technology equipment, are made within the framework of ethical rules to create the best solution.

If you have a hookah factory or are setting up from scratch, HEMSAN machines offer support to make a good start to the sector and increase your production. Our company, which always accepts customer satisfaction at the forefront, considers increasing your production and getting the maximum efficiency from your factory as the main target.

If you want to get detailed information about our hookah production tobacco lines, you can contact us 24/7 and tell us your needs.

Chemistry and Detergent Mixing Mixers

Since its establishment, HEMSAN has undertaken to provide you the best service and never compromises on quality production in the Chemistry and Detergent sector as in all its services.

Chemicals and detergents are among the most important sectors in Turkey. There are many companies serving here, making a great contribution to the economy of our country. HEMSAN aims to maximize the efficiency of your factories by contributing to the production of chemical and detergent mixing mixers, thus increasing your production and earnings.

For this reason, our machines are produced by using the latest technological possibilities, tools and equipment to be the best solution. This process, which is given great importance by our professional teams and engineers, is followed carefully.

As HEMSAN, our products are resistant to rust and wear over time. For this reason, we have stainless mixer productions and they are durable products in contact with water, chemicals and detergents.

If you are in search of a detergent mixer that you can safely use in your factories and detergent production facilities, our productions produced for long-term use will meet all your needs.

If you have gone through the renewal process as a factory or have decided to renew some of your machines and you need mixers, our chemical mixer mixer productions will serve you for many years with its durable and stainless structure.

HEMSAN offers you the services it provides on production, chemistry and detergent mixing mixers at affordable prices. Our company, which follows a policy focused on customer satisfaction, offers you special prices and payment options.

By contacting us via our phone number, if you specify the chemical and detergent machines you need, you can learn the details of the equipment and get a quick setup.