Hookah Tobacco Filling Machine

Hookah Tobacco Filling Machine

Last updated on January 30th, 2021 at 06:32 pm

Hookah is one of the habits that many people cannot give up today. Especially in recent years, the popularity of hookah use in our country has made standardization mandatory for many processes from hookah tobacco production to packaging of the material. Hookahs are prepared with a different type of material than the tobacco types used in products such as cigarettes and cigars. This difference of the product in the packaging process makes the quality and usage factors in hookah tobacco filling machine models much more important. Our company Hemsan Makina, which was established in 2007, has increased the number of machine types and production efficiency by going to an institutional innovation in 2019. Our company, which acts with an innovative approach and wants to contribute to the production capacity of our country, aims to produce sterile, efficient and fast with the hookah tobacco machine.

What is Hookah Tobacco Filling Machine?

Hookah tobacco filling machine is one of the machines Hemsan Automation offers to the service of producers. The machine is in the “tobacco preparation machines” class of our company and consists of many different parts. It is possible to reach other machine types and features by choosing “hookah” from the “services” category of our site.

The hookah tobacco filling machine, which is carefully produced by our company Hemsan Machine, is different from other boxing and banderoling machines used for production and packaging processes; it only fills the material loaded in the machine with certain weights, the number of packages per minute, using air pressure. Packaging materials that retain the moisture of the wet material are preferably preferred for packaging.

Hemsan Hookah Tobacco Filling Machine Features

Our machine, produced by Hemsan Automation, is fully automatic and has features such as adjusting the weight of the package and changing the production speed. Hemsan Makina Hookah Tobacco Filling Machine, which has different parts such as filling funnel, filling assembly, packaging and package knife, is used for packaging the wet – moist tobacco content in a hygienic manner, untouched by human hands and in weights determined by the user. Packaging preserves the humidity of the products and offers a hygienic production opportunity. Packages obtained as a finished product trap the moisture of the content and keep the product clean until the preparation stage.

The most important feature of Hemsan Hookah Tobacco Filling Machine is that it can pack the ready-to-use product in the weight you want, in the number of packages per minute within the production limits. The grammage (weight) of the produced packages can be checked by a digital scale if desired by the manufacturer.

As Hemsan Automation & Machine, our company, which started its progress in the sector in 2007, can contact our company 24/7 about different types of filling machine types and you can get more detailed information about the features of the machines. Hemsan Otomasyon & Machine also provides support for turnkey factory installation and after-sales service.