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Turkey is surrounded by seas on three sides; aquatic products breeding and hunting are among

Founded in 2007 under the name Ege Krom, our institution produced milk and food machines during this period. Our institution, which manufactures in world standards, has provided many services in this context. Our production on milk processing plant machines and milk & food is as follows.

  • Milk cooking boilers
  • Yogurt lines
  • Feta cheese lines
  • Cheddar lines

In addition to these services, a turnkey milk processing facility is also made. In this context, a plan is made by listening to your needs, and then the machines and other elements to be used in the facility are fully prepared.

When all transactions are completed, turnkey delivery is made to you. Our institution performs this service regularly and in a disciplined manner, and our professional teams do not allow for errors or mistakes during installation. HEMSAN, which accepts to work fast as a corporate policy, completes all the work in your facility in a short time.

HEMSAN changed its name by entering the process of becoming a firm in 2019, expanding its service range and continuing its quality production. Hookah tobacco lines built within this scope are in high demand both in the country and abroad. Our company exports on hookah lines and the list of these countries is as follows.





HEMSAN, established on the basis of continuous development as an institution, is working to expand this export list. Thomsen also well-known in Turkey and working with famous brand HEI provides all services at the highest quality. Here is a list of our services.

  • Mixers in the Chemical and Detergent industry
  • Dairy and food machinery equipment
  • Hookah production tobacco lines

Our chemical mixer mixer service we offer as HEMSAN is a service related to the mixing mixers we offer in the chemical industry. In addition, we have a liquid soap mixing machine service on the detergent sector. Our services in this context are as follows.

  • Roll bound system heating and cooling boilers
  • Labeling machines
  • Product preparation systems
  • Filling machines

All of our productions are handled down to the finest details and no problems are included during production. With regular maintenance, our machines and production lines will serve you for many years. In this context, our company also provides after-sales support and maintenance & repair services are provided.

Our experienced and professional technical teams working within HEMSAN help you to use your machines for a longer time by performing a detailed maintenance during service. Therefore, maintenance operations should be carried out at regular intervals. If a malfunction is detected, all options for its solution are discussed and the problem is resolved.

These detailed services offered by our company are produced using the best materials and parts in the industry. Our company, which offers economical options in terms of price, also offers suitable opportunities in terms of payment.

If you want to get these services from us, you can contact our company 24/7 and fully meet your needs.