Hookah Tobacco Production Lines

Hookah Tobacco Production Lines

Last updated on Ocak 30th, 2021 at 06:31 pm

Producing hookah tobacco requires expertise and experience. The rate of tobacco production in our country has an increasing graphic from year to year. Hemsan Machine aims to make the production process hygienic, healthy and practical with hookah tobacco production lines that allow the dry tobacco leaves to be chopped, pulped, flavored and moistened and presented to consumers in packages that keep moisture in the last step. Unlike tobacco preparation and hookah tobacco packaging machines, special purpose tobacco production lines may consist of several different types of machines, including conveyor belts.

What is Hookah Tobacco Production Line?

In order to make the hookah tobacco, which has a widespread use in the Middle East and in our country, ready for use, several different processes are required. In the first stage, tobacco bales consisting of dry tobacco leaves are directed to the bale opening machine. The tobacco leaves in the opened bale are transported to the tobacco shredder chamber by the transfer conveyor. After the chopped material is chopped, they are flavored with vertical or horizontal syrup machines. The flavored tobacco contents are then conveyed to the packaging machine by a transfer conveyor. They are packaged in the determined weight – grammage at the speed determined here and made ready for end use. The product, which has passed the hookah tobacco production line stages for the end user, is presented to the users in moisture-proof – sealed packages.

Hemsan Hookah Tobacco Production Line is formed by using more than one tobacco preparation machine model together. Various machines are used for opening tobacco bales, shredding tobacco leaves, making a kind of pulp, flavoring and finally packaging. Conveyor transfer (transfer bands) is preferred for transferring the finished product between the machines. Vertical or horizontal conveyors can be preferred depending on the location of the factory – the factory is established. The production line turns the raw tobacco into a packaged product. If desired, other machine models such as package banderol machine, tobacco packaging machine can be added to the process.

What Does the Hookah Tobacco Production Line Produce?

Hookah use is becoming more and more popular all over the world. Hookah Tobacco Production Line has been developed to produce flavored, moist, sealed packaged tobacco products produced in a sterile – clean manner without human touch, from raw tobacco bales. If you wish, you can include machines such as banderoling and boxing in the production line.

Hemsan Hookah Tobacco Production Line Features

Shisha tobacco is a semi-wet and moist product. In order for the product to reach the end user professionally, you can choose Hemsan Machine, which is experienced in automation and machine production, and contact our company 24/7 to get detailed information about the hookah tobacco production line. Our company Hemsan Makina also offers turnkey factory configuration and after sales service.